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Double D Racing Heading Home to Flamboro Speedway in 2019

January 15, 2019

As the calendar rolls forward into 2019, the Double D Racing team is excited to announce its plans for the upcoming race season.  After four seasons with the highly competitive APC Racing Series, the team will go in a different direction in 2019, chasing the Flamboro Speedway Grisdale Late Model Series championship.  The last time the team competed full-time at Flamboro, in 2014, they were championship runner up, and will be looking to improve that result by one position in search of the 2019 title.

When asked about the team's change in direction in 2019, driver Rick Burbridge had the following to offer.  "We're excited about doing something different this year.  We loved our time with the APC Series, but it takes a lot of manpower and money to be competitive on the tour, and the past couple of years we've been struggling to make any headway in terms of on track success.  By the time we finished our shortened 2018 season in August, I think we all knew we were ready for something different.  Most importantly, my life has had some major developments off the track.  I took on a new job in October that has kept me on my toes ever since, and Kelly and I expecting our first child in June, so now feels like the perfect time to stay closer to home and balance our racing commitments with life stuff.  My dad is behind this plan 100%, as are the rest of the guys on the team, so it's all coming together perfectly."

While the team is busy completing a full rebuild of the car for the upcoming season, they are also eagerly awaiting the release of the Flamboro Speedway schedule.  The team is anticipating about a dozen race dates between the Grisdale Weekly Late Model Series and the Grisdale Triple Crown Series.  Once the team's Flamboro schedule is finalized, they can then turn to the APC Racing Series schedule to see what events they can attend to round out the 2019 slate of events.

As the offseason rolls on, stay tuned to the site for a 2019 schedule, 2019 sponsor announcements and more.  See you at the track!

Double D Racing Throws in the Towel on 2018 Season, Looking Ahead to 2019

August 11, 2018

After assessing the damage suffered in the most recent APC Racing Series event at Sauble Speedway, the Double D Racing team has decided to call an early end to the 2018 racing season.  The season was the shortest in team history, having competed in just five events.  It was feast or famine in terms of results, with strong runs resulting in a 6th place finish at Peterborough Speedway and an 11th place showing at Sunset Speedway.  However, the other three events all ended in DNF's by way of accident, with all three resulting in significant damage.  Ultimately, the high cost of repairs and the lack of competitiveness at the most recent events resulted in Dave and Rick Burbridge concluding that proceeding further with more races in 2018 would not be the best decision.

Commenting on the early end to the season, driver Rick Burbridge had the following to say: "At this point, this doesn't even feel like fun anymore.  From the time we got this new car back in October of 2017, we've worked non-stop and haven't had a lot to show for it.  We're out of energy, out of money, and just don't have anything left in the tank.  Not only have we had terrible luck, but we've also not been very competitive at several tracks this year.  While it's been a fun ride to be a part of the APC Series since the very beginning in 2015, I think it's time for us to do something different in 2019.  We need to find a lot more consistent speed before we can expect to compete with these guys at each race."

The team's immediate focus will be on rebuilding the car.  Significant repairs are required to both the front and rear of the chassis in order to be ready for competition in 2019.  The early end to the season will give the team a head start of these repairs, allowing a thorough rebuild process to occur.  As the off-season progresses, the team will shift its focus to competition plans for the 2019 season.  While nothing has been decided, the most feasible plan for 2019 will be a return to the Flamboro Speedway Grisdale Late Model series, where the team were championship runner up in 2014, their last full-time effort at that level.  Depending on success at Flamboro and available finances, the team may also compete in a limited APC Racing Series schedule.

Stay tuned to the site for further updates as the offseason progresses and the Double D Racing team gets further along in their preparations for the 2019 season.  See you at the track!

Tough Return at Sauble Speedway Ends in DNF

August 4, 2018

After taking more than a month to rebuild their car following a tough crash at Delaware Speedway, the Double D Racing team returned to action at Sauble Speedway looking to put their season back on the right track.  Sauble has provided mixed results results for the team in the past, with a top ten finish in 2016, but just a 16th place finish in 2017.

The #2 West Brant Window World Chevrolet hit the track for practice under the afternoon sun, and driver Rick Burbridge reported that the car had good turn through the middle of the turns, and good forward drive on corner exit.  In order to gauge how the car would handle closer to race time, the team opted to sit out the second practice session and wait for the final session before returning to the track.  In the final session, Rick felt that the was just a little bit tight in the middle of the corner, but good otherwise.  The team made a small handling adjustment and began preparations for qualifying.

In the group qualifying session, Rick hit the track early, looking to post a fast time for the remainder of the field to chase.  Unfortunately, when Rick completed his five laps and returned to the pit area, he reported to the team that the tight condition in the middle of the corner had worsened, and he really had to slow the car down to make it rotate.  This report was backed up by the team's qualifying speed, which left them just 23rd fastest of the 27 cars in attendance.

As the team looked forward to the evening's main event, they hoped that the track would loosen up as the sun went down and their setup would lead to a better handling car.  When the green flag flew, the race immediately took on a rough tone.  The caution flew on lap two for a number of cars stacked up in turn three.  Another spin would bring out the caution on lap five, and yet another caution waved right after the restart.  The field would finally get rolling after three quick cautions.  While under green, Rick struggled with the car, losing ground to many cars and falling back towards the rear of the field.  On lap 15, Rick slowed for a spin up ahead and took a hard shot from the #5 of Paighton Jacobs in turn four.  The contact resulted in Rick getting into the back of the car in front of him, and spinning into the infield.  Rick would suffer cosmetic damage only, and joined the tail of the field for the ensuing restart.  On the restart, Rick settled in at the back of the line, and made laps until the caution flag waved again on lap 32.  Once again restarting near the tail of the field, Rick would fail to make up any ground, and settled into line for what turned out to be a long green flag run.  As the race cruised past halfway, Rick would fall a lap behind the leaders, running in the 22nd position.  When the caution flag finally flew on lap 67, Rick was struggling along in the 24th position.  The ensuing restart would lead to disaster, as a number of cars stacked up following a pair of synchronized spins in turn two.  While attempting to to navigate through the calamity, Rick found all holes closing quickly and was forced to slam on the brakes.  Unfortunately, it was too late, as Rick slammed into the back of the #18 of Patrick Freel.  The contact resulted in Rick going under the back of Freel's car, with Freel's right rear tire ending up on Rick's roof.  It took a long time for track safety officials to separate the cars, which eventually resulted in the Double D Racing ride being towed back to the pit area, the team's night ending in a DNF.

With a second significant crash in as many races, the Double D Racing team is now forced to re-look at their plans for the remainder of the 2018 race season.

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